Free Rune Readings using The Runes of the Four Realms

How You Will Benefit Today from a Rune Reading using this New Age Oracle

    Bring clarity to whatever issue you want addressed – love and relationships, career and finances,
    personal growth and spiritual development, and more
    Help you understand what the next steps are for your personal satisfaction and fulfillment
    Learn how to use the elements or natural forces (earth, air, fire, and water) as tools in your journey
    Learn how to effectively get help from the divine energies (angels, divas, great Spirit) and their
    connection within you
    Bring to your awareness what is conscious and what is subconscious
    Get an acknowledgment of what's flowing and working already
The Rune Oracle for a New Millennium:

Your rune reading and interpretation are done using The Runes of the Four Realms: An Oracle for the New Millennium, a unique new age oracle created by Suzanne Strisower. Your rune reading will help you interpret information about your question using the energies in our daily experience including our connection with the Angels, the Devas, Great Spirit and how we use our own Co-Creative abilities. Runes can be shown in either their “Aligned position,” going with the flow or “Shifted position,” showing what needs to be brought back into balance to return to a more positive flow.

Runes of the Four Realms


About Your Rune Reading:

Your rune reading will consist of three runes: the first, representing you or the past, the second rune representing the present and the third rune showing you the outcome to your question.

You will learn how to use each rune to help you understand what underlying energies can be beneficial, which elements to focus on and utilize and what your overall divinatory meaning is for you.

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